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On the results of the elections to the German Bundestag

On the results of the elections to the German Bundestag

The elections to the German Bundestag are marked by a significant defeat of the CDU/CSU / SPD coalition which has ruled this Country in the past four years and is responsible for increasing labour precariousness, poverty and social inequalities in Germany.

The results of these elections, particularly those of the SPD - which has the worst result since World War II - and those of the CDU/CSU - which has one of the worst results in its history - represent an expression of dissatisfaction with the policy for which the right and social democracy have been responsible in Germany and in the European Union - for promoting concentration and centralization of wealth, intensification of exploitation, attack on labour and social rights, disregard for national sovereignty, for the wishes and aspirations of the people, for increasing militarism - penalizing its most direct and traditional advocates.

In a context where Die Linke and The Greens increase both their vote and number of MPs, the German right-wing achieves a significant parliamentary representation, boosted by the right-wing policy of the CDU/CSU/SPD coalition government and by its demagogic, reactionary, xenophobic and racist discourse.

The results of the German elections also portray increasing contradictions regarding the European Union.

The PCP expresses its confidence that the workers and the people of Germany will continue their struggle in defence of their rights and interests, in order to achieve a new path of social progress and peace.

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