Release from the PCP Press Office

At the request of several media about the action that took place today [December 21], the PCP makes public:

The PCP considers that, regardless of the promoters, the concealment of the reactionary aims, the demagogically invoked issues, there is a huge contrast between an artificial media promotion in a seldom seen extent and the scarce participation that took place (only a few hundred people in the whole country). This reflects a clear distancing and rejection by the workers and the Portuguese people of this action and its obscure intentions.

The PCP emphasizes that it was the struggle of the workers and the Portuguese people that enabled the interruption of the process of worsening of exploitation, impoverishment and sinking of the country and ensure the defence, restoration and achievement of rights. A struggle that continues in a vast, coherent and determined manner and is decisive for valorising work and workers, achieving more wages and pensions, decent working hours, employment with rights, better working conditions, repeal of grievous norms of the labour legislation, to defend public services, taxing big capital and fighting corruption, in order to implement a patriotic and left-wing policy, with the values of April for a developed and sovereign Portugal.

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