Release from the PCP Press Office

Reject the pressure and blackmail of the European Union

Reject the pressure and blackmail of the European Union

The conclusions of the meeting of the College of Commissioners confirm the aim of adding new elements of pressure and blackmail on Portugal.

Beyond the media discussion about the existence or not of sanctions for excessive deficit - a consequence of the implementation of Budgetary Treaty approved by PSD, CDS and PS - what stands out in this process and this decision is the blackmail which aims to take further the process to condition the course of the Country in a direction contrary to national interests, the interests of the workers and Portuguese people.

A blackmail based on a "review" that does not cease to be ironic and clarifying about the nature and aims of the policies and mechanisms of imposition of the European Union and of the Economic and Monetary Union. What the European Commission has just said, that it is necessary to “correct” is just the result of disastrous policies and guidelines that the European Commission itself has imposed over the last few years, namely in the scope of the Pact of Aggression. That is, the European Commission points out new blackmails, pressures and impositions justifying them with the disastrous results of the policies it imposed. This vicious circle, this spiral of blackmail and economic and social destruction has to be stopped, and has to be rejected by the Portuguese government.

By leaving open the possibility of applying sanctions and demanding "further structural measures", the European Commission enhances the posture of imposing a course of submission, dependence and impoverishment. It is important to remember that in recent years every new set of "EU recommendations" always served to increase the exploitation of workers; to attack rights; to further undermine public services and social functions of the State; to privatize companies and strategic sectors of the Country; to transfer wealth and income stolen from the Portuguese workers and people into the pockets of speculators, of big financial capital, of EU powers. A process that has increasingly worsened the economic and social situation of the Country and exponentially increased the colossal and unbearable debt that the country faces.

In the last general elections the Portuguese condemned this course and defeated its authors. And they expressed a clear will for a change. In view of the first - and still timid - steps to achieve this change, those who abroad, but also in Portugal, plot against the interests of the Country, seek above all to try to prevent a reversal or change, albeit limited. What the decision of the College of Commissioners proves is that the policy, blackmails and impositions of the European Union clash head on with the policy that Portugal needs and that the workers and the Portuguese people demand.
The PCP will do everything so that Portugal rejects the blackmail that is now being intensified against the workers and the people and underlines that the decisive choice is: either the country creates the conditions to grow and develop, implementing policies to meet the main national problems or the Country yields to pressures and blackmails of the European Union, which would represent a further decline and regression.

What is needed in view of the pressure and external blackmail is the affirmation of the right of the Country to a sovereign development inseparable from a patriotic and left-wing policy to ensure the construction of a Portugal with a future.