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On the regional elections of December 21 in Catalonia

On the regional elections of December 21 in Catalonia

The regional elections of December 21 in Catalonia, held under anomalous, undemocratic circumstances with prominent candidates arrested or persecuted, represent a serious defeat of the centralist, reactionary and repressive policy conducted by the minority government of the Popular Party (which had a humiliating result) and confirms the need to find for the Catalan question, in the context of a broader response to the national question in Spain, a political solution which respects the democratic and social rights of the citizens of Catalonia and their national feelings.

Such a solution is the sovereign responsibility of the peoples of Spain. The PCP condemns the support given by the European Union to the antidemocratic policy of the Mariano Rajoy government and reiterates that the position of the bodies of sovereignty of Portugal should be guided by the strict observance of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

The PCP stresses the significance of the high and historic participation of the Catalan people in the elections and considers it is urgent to annul the measures of unacceptable anti-democratic intolerance taken against the political leaders and members of the regional government of Catalonia following the referendum of October 1.

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