Release the Press Office of Deputies of PCP to European Parliament

Regarding the process of constituting the Confederal Group of the United European Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) for the current European Parliament

As has always been the case at the beginning of each term, a still ongoing debate is currently being held within the Confederal Group of the United European Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) regarding its constitution and internal organization.

In this context, there is a debate on the reaffirmation of the operational principles of the GUE/NGL Confederal Group which, during several decades of existence, has always been based on the essential principles of decision-making by consensus and the respect for the sovereign decisions and political independence of each of its delegations, principles which are essential for the continuity of the Group itself.

Also, up for discussion, within the strict respect for the above-mentioned operational principles of the Group, is a proposal of internal rules, as well as the composition of the Group’s organs, namely its Presidency, Vice-Presidencies, General-Secretariat and possible responsibilities of the Group within the European Parliament.

In this process of auscultation and debate – in which all 19 delegations from 13 countries that compose the Group took part – different proposals were put forth. However, none of the proposals relative to the Group’s Presidency gathered the necessary consensus.

One of these proposals, relative to the Group’s presidency, and which was publicized in some mass media in Portugal, did not prove to be consensual, as was reflected in the statements by several political forces, from different countries. Contrarily to what some are seeking to convey, this – not others – is the reason why this, and other, proposals did not meet the essential requirement which the implementation of the Group’s principles demands.

With a view to facilitating the ongoing negotiation process, the Group’s Bureau decided to appoint a collective Presidency, on an interim basis, made up by the Portuguese Communist Party, the Red and Green Alliance (Denmark), the Left Bloc and The Left (Germany), with the latter force assuming the role of “acting President” of the Group and its formal representation in the European Parliament.

The PCP will continue to intervene in this process, seeking to contribute to find a consensual solution, within the framework of respecting the fundamental principles of operation of the GUE/NGL Group – such as its confederal nature; decision-making by consensus; the equality of its delegations and respect of its differences; and also its own identity, autonomy and distinctive presence, vis-a-vis other political groups in the European Parliament and other structures or arenas of cooperation.

Naturally, the PCP will not accept the violation of these principles, or any stance or decision that may be imposed against these very same principles.

As has been the case until now, it is based on mutual respect and constructive cooperation that it has been possible to find solutions that best serve the Group’s distinctive activity, and not through the introduction of elements of political dilution or sectarian ambitions of self-aggrandisement.

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