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PCP solidary with the struggle of the workers and people of Cyprus

PCP solidary with the struggle of the workers and people of Cyprus

Given the recent developments of the situation in Cyprus and in view of the measures adopted in the “Eurogroup” meeting, in the framework of the “memorandum” to be agreed between the troika (EU, ECB and IMF) and the recently sworn in Cypriot government, the PCP considers that the European Union, precipitating and instrumentalizing a situation for which it is primarily responsible, launches into the control and assault of the Cypriot economy.

The European Union (with the IMF) seeks to impose measures which by responding to the interests of the big financial groups – namely those of the big powers like Germany – hit hard the interests, rights and the living conditions of the workers and the Cypriot people.

The PCP stresses that, in addition to the already announced measures which constitute an extortion of the bank deposits, jeopardize the economic viability of small and medium enterprises and a real attack on the financial system of Cyprus itself, more and new grievous measures, such as the “structural reforms” – in the labour laws, health, education and social security – the increase in taxes and privatisations, are announced.

Although the true extent of the “memorandum” that is being prepared in secret is not yet known, the already announced measures and guidelines, if implemented, will have serious consequences on the economy, employment and living condition of the Cypriot people, as well as on the safeguard of the sovereignty and national interests of Cyprus –a country with a third of its territory occupied illegally by Turkey.

The PCP is solidary with the struggle that the Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus (AKEL) is waging, promoting a broad front of resistance, against the brutal measures that are being imposed by the European Union and IMF, in coordination with the people of Cyprus, for the right of the Cypriot people to have a say and in defence of their legitimate interests, rights, achievements and aspirations.

As AKEL rightly says, there is no solution in the framework of “memorandums” by the EU, ECB and IMF troika. The neo-colonial path and the spiral of demands and impositions of the “memorandums” –as witnessed by the hard reality of Portugal – not only does not solve any of the problems facing the peoples and countries, but makes them worse and deeper.

The struggle of the workers and the Cypriot people is the struggle of the workers and Portuguese people. In Portugal the workers and the Portuguese people are carrying out a struggle against the Pact of Aggression, signed between the troika (EU.ECBIMF) and PS, PSD and CDS/PP, which brutally attacks the national sovereignty and jeopardizes the present and future of Portugal.

The workers and the peoples have but one path, that of the struggle against the impositions of big capital, the European Union and IMF, the rejection of their “memorandums” and the defeat of their policies, in defence of the right to social progress and sovereign development.

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