Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP in solidarity with the democratic forces of Honduras

The Portuguese Communist Party expresses its profound repudiation for the fraud in the tabulation of the final results of the presidential elections of November 26th in Honduras, fact that subverts the popular will, expressed in the ballots in favor of the candidate of the democratic coalition, Salvador Nasralla, whose victory was sustained by the official results initially indicated and recognized by magistrates of the Honduran Electoral Court.

The Supreme Electoral Court of Tegucigalpa ruling indicating the victory by the representative of the Honduran oligarchical forces and present Head of State, Juan Orlando Hernández, recalls the convert military coup d'Etat of 2009, orchestrated by the US, that resulted in the removal of the legitimate and constitutional president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, and in the increase in repression and exploitation in this Central American country.

Given the ample popular indignation and protest before the electoral fraud, the oligarchical power of Honduras resorts again to repression, by the Honduran authorities, and denounces the attitude of collusion and hypocrisy of the US, OAS and EU before the anti-democratic spiral in Honduras.

PCP is in solidarity with the democratic forces of Honduras and their demand for restitution of democratic freedoms and guarantees, and the rigorous and impartial account of the electoral results of November 26th.

PCP also expresses its solidarity with the Honduran workers and people, reaffirming its condemnation of the interference of the US, who maintains military bases in Honduras and pursue an interventionist policy in this country and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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