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The PCP reaffirms its support for the struggle of the Venezuelan people and for an end to foreign interference and threats

The PCP reaffirms its support for the struggle of the Venezuelan people and for an end to foreign interference and threats

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan people and condemns the campaign of destabilization and aggression orchestrated by US imperialism against the sovereignty and independence of Venezuela.

A campaign that is part and parcel of the growing activities of interference and threats against the sovereingty and the rights of the peoples of Latin America, which are sponsored by the United States, with the goal of restoring their hegemony over that sub-continent.

In associating itself with the World Day of Solidarity with Venezuela - which is marked today - the PCP stresses the importance of the Bolivarian process and of the achievements made in Venezuela throughout 17 years of intense struggle and major popular mobilizations, as well as their contribution to the progressive change and advances that have taken place in recent years in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The masses of the people and the revolutionary and progressive forces of Venezuela have faced up to the permanent destabilization campaign waged by the oligarchy, subordinated to the subversive agenda set out by Washington, a campaign that does not hesitate to resort to violence - as was the case in the defeated coup d'Etat of 2002 - and to economic warfare against the Bolivarian process.

In this context, of particular gravity is the recent decision by the Obama Administration to renew its 2015 Executive Order which, unacceptably, considers Venezuela an "unusual and extraordinary threat" against the "national security and foreign policy of the United States" and broaden its sanctions and threats against that country. The recent appeals in the US press for a "political intervention" against Venezuela, with the pretext of implementing the notorious OAS "Democratic Charter" must be seen in the same light.

Undescoring the need to denounce and expose the ongoing manoeuvres against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and reaffirming the right of the Venezuelan people to sovereignly decide their destiny, the PCP expresses its solidarity with the Constituional government of President Nicolás Maduro, the PCV, the PSUV and other forces which defend the achievements and advances that have been made, as well as their extension in defence of the Venezuelan workers' and people's interests.

Aware of the complex threats and difficulties that Venezuela faces - made worse by the provoked fall in the international prices of oil and the economic effects of capitalism's structural crisis - but confident that the Venezuelan revolutionary and patriotic forces can, through their resistance and struggle, block the intents of those who seek to revert the Bolivarian process, the PCP calls for solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela, freedom, sovereignty and social emancipation, peace and cooperation among the peoples.

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