PCP present during May 1st. celebrations in Ukraine

 PCP present during May 1st. celebrations in Ukraine

Last May 1st, PCP was present in Kiev, in solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) and the Ukrainian people, during the May 1st. celebrations, International Workers’ Day. The PCP was represented by João Ferreira, member of the Central Committee and member of the European Parliament.

Despite the difficulties posed by the Ukrainian authorities to prevent the May 1st. celebrations, promoted by the CPU and the Association of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and other democratic forces, they were held in a park in Kiev, where the memorial to the Victory over Nazi-fascism stands, with many demonstrators gathering in a show of courage and determination.

The attempt to prevent the holding of the May 1st. celebrations is part of a group of actions by the Kiev putschist authorities aimed at curtailing the action of the CPU and its illegalisation and, by using all means, to intimidate and repress those who resist the putschist power and the oppression and violence of a fascist nature, for freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

In view of the fascist nature of the power in Ukraine and the persistence of the threat of war in this country, which continues to be fuelled by the US, NATO and EU, continuing solidarity with the communists, anti-fascists and democrats in Ukraine remains very topical.

Equally present, also at the invitation of the CPU, were other communist parties, which, like the PCP, greeted the demonstrators and reasserted the repudiation namely of the anti-democratic and anti-communist escalade, rejected the manipulation of History and the rehabilitation of the forces which collaborated with the Nazi-fascist invasion and occupation and denounced the criminalisation of communism and of the period when Ukraine was one of the 15 Republics of the Soviet Union.

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