PCP at the MPLA' Congress

PCP at the MPLA' Congress

At the invitation of the MPLA, the PCP was present at the VII Congress of this Party, represented by Rui Fernandes, member of the Political Committee. PCP was invited to address the Congress delegates.

In its speech, the PCP stressed "that the current international situation, marked by a deepening of capitalism’s structural crisis and imperialism’s aggressive offensive, poses great challenges and demands on the peoples and States that affirm their sovereignty and right to development” being "of great concern the escalation of operations of interference, destabilization and aggression promoted by the United States, NATO and the European Union against sovereign States, as in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, with the aim of imposing relations of political and economic domination, of neo-colonial domination." To this effect, the PCP stressed the importance of the struggle for peace, national sovereignty and independence, social progress and cooperation, as well as the demand of "strengthening and enlargement of a broad anti-imperialist front to reverse the current course of international relations and enable a new international order free from relations of exploitation and national oppression, more peaceful, more equitable and fairer.”

The PCP also expressed its interest in "following the important challenges faced by Angola and its people" and "deepening its knowledge of the guidelines, priorities and projects for the continuation of reconstruction and economic and social development of Angola, as well as the measures and initiatives to which the MPLA is committed to meet the needs of the Angolan people, particularly those posed by the difficult situation arising from the drop in oil prices", "in overcoming problems and difficulties as well as to safeguard the peace won so hardly in 2002”.

The PCP also recalled its solidarity with the Angolan people in “their long struggle to end Portuguese colonialism, to end the aggression by the apartheid regime of South Africa, to end imperialist interference and criminal action by UNITA, the achievement of peace, the reconstruction of their country”. Restating the principles that have always characterized its position, the PCP reaffirmed its "solidarity with the Angolan people and MPLA in defence of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and independence of Angola, of peace, rights and social progress of the Angolan people, condemning operations of destabilization against Angola and its people, considering that it is up to the Angolan people to sovereignly decide their present and future, free from any foreign interference."
Regarding its intervention in Portugal, the PCP pointed out "its struggle to defend the rights and interests of the workers and the Portuguese people, sovereignty and national independence, for an effective rupture with the right-wing policy and for a patriotic and left-wing alternative, that will open the door to an advanced democracy that affirms the values of the April Revolution in Portugal's future and points the perspective to socialism."
Finally, underlining the different paths and distinct realities in which both parties intervene, the PCP wished that the VII Congress of the MPLA "will represent a contribution to build a better future and materialise the aspirations of the Angolan people" and "continue and develop the historical ties that unite our two parties and to contribute to the strengthening of the ties of friendship and cooperation between Portugal and Angola and between the Portuguese people and the Angolan people".

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