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PCP condemns USA aggression against Syria

PCP condemns USA aggression against Syria

The PCP strongly condemns the bombing by the United States against the Syrian Arab Republic, an act of aggression in clear violation of International Law and of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian state.

This is yet another act of aggression that is part of the six-year war carried out by the US and its allies in Europe and in the Middle East - including by means of the creation and support of terrorist groups - against Syria and its people.

Recalling the campaigns of misinformation and manipulation that supported the attacks on Iraq and Libya, the PCP points out that this act of aggression is triggered under the pretext of an alleged "chemical weapons attack" in Khan Sheikoun, Idleb Province, which The Syrian authorities categorically deny and whose real circumstances and authors deserve a full clarification, especially when there is a denunciation of storage and use of chemical weapons by terrorist groups in Syria.

This attack on Syria confirms that the US goal is not to fight terrorism but to impose its hegemony in the Middle East and the World. As part of the attempt to block the paths of dialogue leading to peace in Syria, this attack carries the danger of an escalation of unpredictable and grave consequences.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the resistance of the Syrian Arab Republic and its people against the aggression of which they are victims and in defence of the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of their State and of peace.

The courageous resistance of Syria and its people and the defence of their rights demand not the association or connivance with the campaigns aimed at whitewashing the aggression carried out by the US and its allies, but the solidarity of all those who defend the rights of the Syrian people and peace.

Portugal should make a stand condemning the aggression against Syria, and strive for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, for a resolute defence of the sovereignty of peoples and of the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and International Law.

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