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PCP and the coup process in Brazil

PCP and the coup process in Brazil

The coup process in Brazil has known, in the last hours, a new and dangerous development.

Following the degrading session in the Chamber of deputies on April 17th, and despite the removal by the Federal Supreme Court of one of the main promoters of the coup process, the president of the Parliament Eduardo Cunha, the Brazilian Senate has taken a decision that while not ending the process implies the suspension of Dilma Rousseff's presidential mandate and her substitution by the current vice-president, someone who has indeed been formally accused and is recognizably enmeshed in scandals of corruption, who is profoundly contested by the Brazilian people and compromised at the highest level with the ongoing coup offensive .

Given this situation, PCP reiterates its firm condemnation of the attempts by reactionary sectors and imperialism to overthrow, as revenge for their defeat in the 2014 elections, the legitimate President of Brazil and revert a evolution favorable to workers and the most fragile sectors of Brazilian society verified in the last years, by a process of destabilization and coup, inseparable from dictatorial projects.

PCP also reiterates its solidarity with the workers, people and democratic and progressive forces of Brazil who, in a particularly difficult situation, facing the power of big capital and the instrumentalization of the State apparatus and the media by the coup forces, fights courageously in defense of democracy and for policies of social progress and sovereignty.

The defeat of the objectives of the reactionary sectors and imperialism is firstly in the interest of the Brazilian people, and also in the interest of all peoples, specially the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean who are confronted with a generalized counter-offensive by US imperialism to reconquer lost positions and attempt to restore that which insultingly it called "America's backyard".

Saluting the powerful popular demonstrations against the coup and in defense of democracy, PCP expresses its confidence that, with international solidarity, the Brazilian people will prevail.

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