by Albano Nunes

"Patriotism and Internationalism"

Translated "Avante!" article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

Patriotism and internationalism are inseparable. A Communist party that underestimates its struggle international framework and forgets solidarity duties, concerning other peoples, falls into mean nationalism and is condemned to isolation and defeat. A Communist party that ignores its central internationalist duty, the struggle within its own country, misses the liaison with masses and falls into a inconsequential, verbalism turmoil.

In Portugal, one lives an original political situation, in a counter-current with what happens throughout Europe. The coalition PSD/CDS government defeat and its distance, had results, that beyond the possible and necessary, are of some value. However, without the rupture of decades with the right-wing policy, along with the external constraints, it ought not to be possible to ensure the economic development, social progress and sovereignty of our country. The patriotic and left-wing policy the PCP proclaims, is indispensable for a Portugal with a future.

The European and world context is not to be ignored, concerning how our struggle develops. In 1974, the international level force correlation, the détente within Europe, with the Soviet Union approval and the alliance with the African peoples struggle against the Portuguese colonialism, favoured the April Revolution. Currently, and on the contrary, one lives the consequences of the USSR and socialist field disappearance and times are of resistance and force accumulation. But, en garde. Attemptiveness and renouncing, nurtured by the dominant class, in order to neutralize and destroy the revolutionary forces, ought but have positive results among those who have ignored the lessons of the past – the path unto the revolution is made from advances and draw-backs, victories and defeats, but always follows an ascending direction – and loose socialism perspective. On celebrating the October Revolution Centenary, under the motto “Socialism, a demand of our days and the future”, the PCP fights History’s anti-communist forgeries and reaffirms with all its conviction its communist ideal and project. Not for voluntarism, but based in the analysis of the capitalism historical contradictions and limits and the demand of its revolutionary achievement. Highlighting that, although before pessimist appearances, imperialism offensive great dangers coexist with real potentialities of progressive and revolutionary developments.

To defend national sovereignty and confront imperialism interferences, being the European Union, NATO, IMF or any other supranational instances, is a central duty.

The nurtured idea by the dominant media and the governmental speech that Portugal is condemned to be impotent before an imperialist globalization ought to be fought with determination. The latter being a patriotic indeclinable task and at the same time the best contribution for the anti-imperialist struggle and the universal liberation cause of workers and peoples. And the best manner to celebrate the October Revolution international nature and value.

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