Translated "Avante!" article by Angelo Alves

"Palestine «Conflict»"

Translated "Avante!" article by Angelo Alves, Member of the Political Committee and of the International Department

At the very same time this news is released, the possibility of a “cease-fire” regarding the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, circulates within the media.

But in fact, what is this “cease-fire”? It means that the two parties in conflict, with same responsibilities, holding proportional means, carrying out proportional acts of war, decide, even if temporarily, to cease the military operations of a “conflict”, in this case, “Israeli-Palestinian“?

Not at all ! And the approach to the Palestine issue begins just here! No “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” exists, and the so-called “cease-fire” ought to be, if ever confirmed, just but the suspension of one more Dantesque and criminal expression of Israel’s state terrorism policy - the occupation power within Palestine. Some might say there exists a conflict, as from Gaza and other territories “rockets” are targeted against Israel’s territory.
Let’s analyse this “conflict’s causes and what is in progress“.

Palestine is an occupied country for more than sixty years. Seven million Palestine are refugees or displaced. At the time of Israel’s foundation, in 1948, the agreements on territories’ concessions considered 55% for Israel and 45%for Palestine. Currently, Israel occupies 82% of these territories and keeps the rest under hard control. The Gaza Strip is one of the territories, victim of that siege and control. Besieged by air ,sea and land (namely, by the racist wall), subjected to a blockade, 40km long and from 6 to 12 km wide, this territory, where 1.8 million people survive, being the greatest prison in the open air, in the world. The Gaza Strip, as well as Palestine, have no army. Israel, on the other side, is qualitatively, one of the most (if not the most) powerful army in the world.

Six days ago ( at the time of this article’s release), this territory - where 80% of the population live under the poverty line - was bombed with the most sophisticated weapons, as in 2008 and 2012, and 3000 Palestinians were assassinated. On the first day of this new massacre, the air attacks were at 11/ per hour. An unimaginable terror.

And this is the reality upon six days of conflict: 700 Israeli air attacks, more than 1100 fired missiles, more than 100 war tanks’ discharges and about 330 naval bombardments. Real hell, which has killed more than 180 Palestinians ( among which 40 children) and 1250 wounded, mostly women and children. According to UN’s data, 5600 people ( 940 families) are displaced; 60 000 cannot reach for food; 400 000 people have no electricity; 1/3 of the population have a difficult access to potable water; 8 health unities, 4 ambulances and 36 schools were destroyed; 940 residential unities were demolished and 2500 houses were damaged. Thirty two fishing boats set fire and 3600 fishermen have had no access to the sea, for seven days. From the Israel side, two houses were destroyed and nine people wounded.

In the origin of this “conflict”, and yet to be clarified, it was not the three young settlers’ assassination, which occurred in a civil and military zone under Israel’s control, that stands the cause.” And much less the Gaza’s “fireworks”. Not at all! What is the Zionist power leitmotiv is racism, occupation and the attempt of “ exploding” the unity process among the Palestinian resistance forces, each time it takes a step ahead. One is not before a conflict. But before an aggression, one of the most scandalous violations of human rights, carried out with the USA’s support, the European Union and governments, among which the Portuguese, silent complicity. One must take sides! For the victim, the people of Palestine’s sake, in the recognition of its right to resistance!

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