“Order to destroy”

Translated “Avante!” article by Luís Carapinha, Member of the International Department

Tillerson, a few weeks ago, and Pence, currently, travelled through Eastern Asia, leaving a warning behind: “ the USA strategic patience era, has come to an end”. The confusing statement is a direct threat to North Korea, supported by the displacement unto the region, of an important war fleet and the taking place of military manoeuvres with South Korea. However, as known, the Washington power true headache resides in Beijing. The whole incendiary and frenetic global force demonstration escalade, from these last days, has, in its essence, China as a target. Trump decided to attack Syria before Xi Jinping’s presence – one more state terrorism crime and the ignominious international law violation, which caused exaltation among the dominant ideology heralds. Contrarily to the intoxicated Wall Street expectations, from the last decades, China emerged as a virtually fatal economic adversary. A hard one, for sure. How to swipe, or in the limit, cut ties and not, insupportably, “cut your own flesh”. And that is the question. The more dilacerating, the sharper the decline horizon presents itself, inexorable, coming from the imperialist super-power, within the capitalism long stagnation and structural crisis process framework.

In any case, the unpredictable theatre certified by the recent USA administration tenant, adopted the rough scenario of dragging swords and the monumental weapon gesticulation. As expected, the intestine combat bisector within the North American power and leader class system, resulting in more interventionism and militarism. Trump’s reactionary concentrated substance and his eclectic entourage ( the Golman Sachs is currently the guide), together with the political insecurity of the president’s figure, all becomes more inflammable .Towards reconciliation and the NATO allies under control, the United States bellicose machine multiplies the tension and aggression focus throughout the globe, performing as the planet’s gendarme. Syria, Iraq – Middle East -, North Africa, Afghanistan, Korea Peninsula, Ukraine and East Europe ( face to face with Russia) are but the hottest issues of this bellicose feast. Not forgetting Latin America with the South Command threats of interference regarding Venezuela, in agreement with the ASO.

The nuclear component modernization is in progress, the creation of strategic conventional weapons and the antimissile offensive system installing, creating conditions for the immediate global attack doctrine application. Regarding the strictly military level, only but Russia and China ought to confront the existent blackmail and threats. The military cooperation between both neighbors, is vital for the strategic balance maintenance, therefore causing alarm within the Pentagon. In full nuclear era, dangers towards peace in the world, ought never to be underestimated. Amid the EU, the applause to the recent attack against Syria is a bad sign. It is urgent to avoid the post-truth state of ecstasy ought not to lead the world to a post-life era.

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