by Jorge Cadima


Translated "Avante!" article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

Impossible to mention the last century and ignoring the Socialist October Revolution, the greatest liberating event of History. Even its enemies are aware of that. And therefore, they blacken and forge it. For hate, but also because they fear it.

October Revolution proved it were possible a different society, and that “it ought to be the same forever” is a lie. It proved humanity does not need bankers, great capitalists or landowners to live and progress. It proved when human society gives up nurturing its parasite classes’ insatiable appetites, the “no money” excuse for social expenditure falls flat.

Although the Czarism Russia’s backwardness and the exploiter classes permanent hostility worldwide, the socialist Soviet Union ensured “ money” to alphabetize and educate all its people, free and with quality. “ Money existed” to ensure free health care, holidays, time for leisure, culture, science and sports for all. “ Money existed” to, ensure labour rights, old age security and unfortunate moments in life, rights for women and children, without any charity aid. Unemployment was eradicated. Whilst the capitalist world collapsed before the 30’s great crisis, the USSR ensured an impetuous productive forces’ development, becoming a great industrial power. All was possible, as society stopped being administrated by seeking profit and under the great financial capital interests.

The October Revolution was not but a Russian Revolution. It was a Revolution that inspired workers and peoples all over the world. An exploited and oppressed working humanity Revolution. Its example put an end to World War I carnage, encouraging the German 1918 revolution. That allowed the workers’ movement, throughout the world, to create their class revolutionary parties and enhanced the exploited classes struggle towards their social rights. Inspired colonized peoples ( the majority in humanity) to become liberated from imperialist domain. Inspired new socialist revolutions and the anti-fascist struggle. The October Revolution example, feared by the great capital, to spread – mainly upon the defeat of fascism – to allow and give birth to concessions that represented social advances, non-existent at that time and not issued from capitalism, as currently, dramatically has been proved. Humanity is in debt to the October Revolution. Besides the Nazi-Fascist monster defeat, issued from a capitalism in crisis, and along with world peace defence.

It is not by chance the USSR disappearance has been followed by a huge draw back for workers and peoples in the world; fierce class exploitation has, once again, exploded, enormous social inequalities and imperialism wars and aggressions. Capitalism, more at ease to function according to its rules( and contradictions), has fallen into a deep systemic crisis. The XXI st century proves that the October Revolution is necessary for workers and peoples. And no one better than the dominant classes, and belonging to this more and more parasite and destructive capitalism, is aware it points out unto a necessary and possible “another world”. And therefore, they carry on fearing and hating it, a hundred years after. Long Live the October Revolution!

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