Translated "Avante!" article by Luís Carapinha, Member of the International Department

Trump’s statement during the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations, resounded throughout the world, for the worst of reasons. It provoked laughter and consternation, apprehension and indignation amid the assembly. On examining the facts some considered it to be an improbable prism joke, not discarding its insulting demagogic content – even blatant, untruthful and arrogant. A line of reasoning, not far from the other that, by diabolizing Trump, as if he where a strange system element, in contrast, the black demon unto the virtuous and flourishing “ American democracy”.

Apart from metaphysics, it is a form of alleviating disturbing nexus and class responsibilities. One ought to avoid the embody issue and scrutinize its real fitting in these disturbed times. The main imperialist power president’s statement at the United Nations headquarters is too serious to be considered futile. But beyond all the provoking cynical aplomb and inconsistent arguments what fundamentally was treated is the mark of anticommunism unusual explicit affirmation and a general attack to peace and international law. Shamelessly, one of the greatest fiscal cuts ever ( of replacement) of the North-American great capital profits is presented as an economic success and job creator.

“ Markets are high, Afro-American and Hispanic community unemployment at historical minimums and the USA are building the greatest wall in history, in the boarders ( with Mexico)”.

In the same tone, “ the military budget is the greatest ever and soon the USA ought to be stronger” – all “for the sake of national interest and the American people”. The USA exceptionality defence gains a new nuance through the American first patriotic exalting setting, sovereignty supremacy before a pretence hostile “world governance”. Nothing more than the cumulus of reality inversion, as nor Trump nor anybody amid the USA power system minimally intends to abdicate from the North-American imperialism global dominant position prerogatives, interference and the self-recognition extra territorial “right” harassment.

On the contrary, Trump calls upon trade deficit, ignoring the dollar and Wall Street hegemony within world finance, in order to strategically attack China in a crusade against the industrial planning command along the public enterprises’ role [in economy].“Sovereignty” right defence proceeds amid the most frenetic and strict interference apology: Syria, Iran, Russia, Venezuela – reaffirming the Monroe doctrine validity and the “defence” of the western hemisphere foreign expansionism -, among many other pearls in an undeniable fascist nature speech. Nor even Germany escapes from the solemn warning to get rid of Russia’s energetic dependence. And the world ought to “resist”[ to the call] to socialism.

Kissinger, recently, on referring Trump, proposed he ought to be a historical character that marks the end of an era. The greatly reactionary nature of the current administration is a result of capitalism worldwide crisis deepening and reflects the USA’s unconcealed continuous trajectory decline. At international level, the greatest threat and challenge lives within this movement.

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