«A New Nakba?»

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

On Nakba 71st anniversary, the ethnic cleansing thataccompanied the State of Israel creation, dark clouds persist over Palestine, Iran and much more. The war falcons are onset. The USA and Israel governments tear apart, shamelessly, all agreements, un resolutions, international law. The USA throws off the multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran, recognized Jerusalem as Israel‘s capital and the syrian, Mount Golan israeli annexation, cut the unrwa financing, the un agency for millions of palestinian refugees, Israel bombs sistematecally the syrian territory and the Gaza Trip, massacres defenseless demonstrators. Netanyahu announces the formal annexation of the israeli illegal settlements within the occupied palestinian territories.

A Financial Times collunist (D. Gardner, 2019.05.08) states the USA are performing an ulterior escalade against Iran and have replaced one of the rare diplomacy triumph by a detonator, in one of the most inflamable regions in the planet. The already existant embargo against Cuba, Venezuela and the Gaza Trip, with dramatic consequences, is currently extended unto Iran, with the declared purpose of destroying the iranian oil exports and collapse the country’s economy. The USA, a year upon having torn the nuclear agreement apart, Iran has honoured the agreement, although Trump has re-imposed sanctions and threatened allies. Beside the adversaries, who do not stop business with Iran. The EU deplores, but submits. The USA and its allies also prepare a qualitative leap, in order to destroy the promises of the creation of a sovereign Palestinian State, consecrated in UN resolutions, for decades. But the EU only but finds firmness to condem the palestinians within Gaza, sieged, massacrated and bombed.

One ought to be prepared for provocations. The war drums are followed by lies avalanchas. Official and praised. On april 15, at the A&M texan university, the ex- CIA director and current USA Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, stated, before the joy and applause from the audience, «What is thecadets key-word, at the west point military academy, do not lie, do not cheat, do not steal[...] I was the CIA director. We used to lie, cheat and steal. We used to have training on the issue.»(!) And he added, in a stern manner: «This makes us think about the american experience glory.» Why words? The regime media did not release the latter, but the video is available in the internet. It ought to be viewed upon each dailynews, on the Venezuela issue.

Pompeo added his vision on the position he currently holds: «Diplomacy and military strikes are hand in hand.» A repeated motto to CNN (2019.04.23) by the USA Ambassador in Russia, on board of a USA aircraft-carrier, in the Mediterranean Sea, addressing the planet second nuclear power. When one holds 200 000 tons of diplomacy cruizing the Mediterranean – this is what i call diplomacy – nothing else is to be said. The bellicoze haughtiness was pronounced a few days before the World War II Victory anniversary, which cost the sacrifice of over 20 million soviets. Imperialism always had war as a natural companion. But imperialism, in decay, seems to drag all with it.

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