Translated "Avante!" article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the CC and of the International Department

The German federal constitutional court decreed that the German armed forces - the Bundeswehr - might, on facing an “exceptional situation of catastrophic nature” and under certain conditions, intervene with its armament within German territory, which never before had occurred since the Nazi times.

It is a decision which contradicts others adopted before by the very same court - namely in 2006 - , which safeguarded that but only the police forces could intervene within German territory, clearly separating the concept and the operations in national defence scope ( the latter of the armed forces competence) from the concept and the operations of internal security scope.
This decision is illustrative of the German militarism growth, which - placing in caquse, Constitutional consecrated principles, upon the Nazi defeat, in 1945 - , opening the path for the Bundeswehr participation in the NATO aggressions in the Balkans, in the 90’s,and in Afghanistan (1) in 2001, and currently, to the possibility of its (armed) intervention within Germany itself.

A decision, which follows the NATO and the European Union guidelines, and which preconize the proximity and fusion of the home defence and security (subverting, among other important aspects, the armed forces objectives and missions) - guidelines which pattern, among its several members, concepts of “security” ( and its decurrent applications) similarly of the adopted by the USA (2).

Such as the USA /NATO / EU manipulate and serve terrorism purpose and the so-called “ fight against terrorism” as “ the Troy horse” to promote militarization in international relations, creating and exacerbating tensions and conflicts, interference and treats or the use of force against territorial integrity and other states independence, also, concerning states’ internal security “terrorism” is the pretext for the implementation of measures which, in the name of “security”, jeopardize citizens freedoms, guarantees and rights and promote its increasing militarization.

Home security militarization pursued by the USA / NATO / EU is the expression of a wider militarization process, which comprehends other dimensions, namely in the international relations framework, an the “ humanitarian aid”, “cooperation for development” militarization or the UN’s own attempt of militarization ( together with the Charter’s subversion through the “ responsibility to protect”, in other words, the so-called “humanitarian” interference, an euphemism for aggression and war).

The major capitalism centres aggravating economic and social situation, those who detain the economic power need to reinforce their control and coercion instruments.

Militarism is intrinsic / inherent to capitalism and one of the answers ( namely coming from its major centres - the USA, Germany /EU and Japan) to the crisis deepening, with which, and before the aggravating of the contradictions and the peoples’ consequent and legitimate resistance, try to safeguard their interests and impose their domain ( within and outside their boarders…).

(1) Afghanistan, where ( according to a German president’s unnoticed, but genuine statement, the German armed forces exist to defend Germany’s economic interests, in other words, its great capital), being the third greatest troop levy, after the USA and the United Kingdom.

(2) See the PCP’s positions on the “ Security and National Defence Strategic Concept”, a concept which, in the continuity of previous strategic concepts and in contradiction with the stipulated in the Republic Constitution, is characterized by the submission to NATO /EU.

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