By Ângelo Alves

"The Middle East"

Translated "Avante" article by Ângelo Alves, Member of the PCP Political Committee

The USA and its allies’ military defeat in the aggression, war against Syria, has become more and more evident and irreversible. The most recent military operations confirm the advance of the Syrian army in some of the last terrorist and mercenary strongholds, with the taking over of positions in the Hama province ( centre-west zone, in north Damascus), and where the Harran and Hardana localities were conquered , as well as in the Dayr al-Zawr province (southeast of the country, near the boarder with Iraq), where the Syrian defence forces retook the strategic city of Abu Camal, situated in the river Euphrates boarders, one of the Daesh important strong fortresses.

Meanwhile, the “international coalition”, under the USA command, concentrated in the country’s northeast, carries on to committing crimes and massacres, hindered by the dominant media, and developing secret operations and agreements with the terrorists, as recently divulged on Raqqa, where the USA military forces organized and protected the Daesh terrorist fighters escape.

The diplomatic efforts concerning a political solution have intensified. Contacts with Russia, Iran and Turkey, concerning the Sochi meeting preparation, that currently has not taken place ( preview on November 22nd), but ought to have as an outcome the opening of paths to, under the security conditions, initiate the inter-Syrian dialogue. On the other hand, the USA and its allies try hard to keep up some initiatives and restrain future developments. The presentation of a resolution at the UN Security Counsel, in order to extend the manoeuvre on the alleged use of chemical weapons, by the Syrian army forces, is an example, defeated by the Russian Federation veto, but also, the recent revelations on the chemical weapons use, that ought to have been of the responsibility of the terrorists and their liaisons with the USA.

As said before in these pages, the Syrian government and army likely victory, in alliance with the Russian Federation and Iran, amid a war that had as a purpose, divide the country and dismantle it as a sovereign nation, does not signify the ending of imperialism and Zionism manoeuvres, nor the huge dangers with which the peoples are confronted, in the region. The pieces of the more and more complex political and military chess are moving hastily, adapting to the new reality. The USA try to “oil” an Israel- Saudi Arabia axis, in order to assume Iran as a target. The objective is to maintain a situation of enormous tension in the region, restore the Saudi dictatorship role and intervene in the trade relations policy, the latter in accelerated change. And under this new reality, the recent events, as the Saudi Arabia palace coup, ought to be considered; the Saudi war in Yemen urge; the Qatar ex-prime minister statements and the Lebanon prime-minister’s “step down” abduction, ordered by Saudi Arabia, in a clear attempt to destabilize Lebanon, justifying a new Israel aggression against the Hezbollah. The situation is potentially explosive and more and more clear regarding imperialism’s purposes. At the same time, it is clear the USA and its direct allies are amid a reactive situation before heavy defeats in their domain strategy in the region.

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