Statement by Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary General of the PCP

On the Meeting of the PCP with the Socialist Party

On the Meeting of the PCP with the Socialist Party

The legislative election rendered an express condemnation of the PSD/CDS government and its policy and has to have political and institutional consequences.

After four years of government action in clash with the Constitution, which further sank the country in the economic and social level, which worsened external dependence and attacked workers' and people’s rights, promoted a destabilization of the democratic regime and led to a clear deterioration of the functioning of the institutions, PSD and CDS suffered a heavy electoral defeat with the loss of the absolute majority and of the conditions to, on their own, continue this policy.

It is intolerable that, given the second largest electoral defeat ever of these two parties and ignoring the political condemnation they suffered with the loss of 700.000 votes, the President of the Republic, neglecting the rules of the Constitution, wants to impose the renewal of a PSD/CDS government.

On the part of the PCP, we reaffirm our firm determination to present a motion rejecting a PSD/CDS government’s programme, if it is presented to the Assembly of the Republic.

The pronouncement of the Portuguese people in the legislative elections is a clear condemnation of the government and also of its policy. The election result confirms not only the aim to prevent the continuation of the PSD/CDS government but also the aspiration of the Portuguese people to an alternative policy that addresses concrete problems of the workers and the people, employment, wages, pensions, access to health and education, development and sovereignty.

Following the legislative elections, the composition of the Assembly of the Republic allows a basis for other governing solutions. PSD and the CDS being in minority and there being a majority which may enable other governing solutions, it would be incomprehensible that such an opportunity should be wasted.

The question arises in terms of inter-party relationship and can be open for a composition that reflects a broader political convergence.

On the part of the PCP,we reaffirm that we are prepared and ready to assume all responsibilities, including governing, necessary for the implementation of a policy that makes a break with the course that dragged the country to the current situation and which corresponds to the project of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

In view of the framework of the correlation of forces and the pronouncement of the people, is not only a matter of the composition of the government but also a solution to answer the desires and needs of the workers, the people and the country.

On the part of the PCP, we reaffirm our option for a policy that assumes and implements:

- The valorisation of wages, namely the increase of the National Minimum Wage to 600 euros at the beginning of 2016, and the real value of pensions;
- The fight against precariousness, particularly with changes to labour laws and the adoption of a National Plan to Combat Precariousness;
- The restoration of rights in labour legislation, namely the valorisation of collective bargaining;
- The restoration of wages, pensions, holidays and other rights which were cut, including pension supplements;
- A fair fiscal policy that taxes strongly the economic and financial groups and relieves taxes on workers, retirees and pensioners, micro, small and medium-size entrepreneurs and the people;
- The strengthening and diversification of the financing of Social Security and the guarantee of social aid, namely child allowance, unemployment benefits and social unemployment benefit;
- The hiring of doctors, family nurses and other professionals for the NHS, the reinstatement of transport to non-emergency patients and the elimination of user fees;
- The reversal of the processes of concession, sub-concession and privatization, particularly of transport companies;
- The repeal of the recent amendment to the Act of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy.

Given the new composition of the Assembly of the Republic and knowing the PS programme, we accept discussing the issues of the Government's programme.

This is the moment where we are in. The moment to stand by a policy that answers the aspirations of the workers and the people, to raise their living conditions, to fight against injustice and social inequalities, for the necessary economic growth and an effective employment policy. Which at the same time implies choices regarding essential instruments for an alternative policy, be it the line of public control of strategic sectors, the indispensable renegotiation of the debt as a condition for the country's development or the answer to other external constraints.

We are acquainted with the PS programme and we know that it does not respond to the aspiration of a rupture with the right-wing policy.

However, the constitutional framework and the correlation of forces in the Assembly of the Republic in no way hinder the PS from forming government, present its programme and take office.

Even in a context where the PS insists on its programme and it is not easy to find a convergence on a government programme, even then we cannot conclude that the solution lies in a PSD/CDS government.

Even in these circumstances there is scope for governing solutions that do not allow that PSD and CDS, against the popular will, to continue their political action of exploitation, impoverishment, destruction of public services, destabilization of the democratic regime and degradation of the functioning of institutions.

In the current context, and given the situation that has been created, the PCP will reject any solution that proposes a PSD/CDS government and will help to defeat any initiative that aims to prevent the formation of another governing solution. The votes of PCP’s MPs will always contribute to all measures that are useful to the workers, the people and the country and will oppose everything that means more exploitation, impoverishment, social injustice and national decline.

The PS will have to choose between associating itself from making viable or support a PSD/CDS government or take the initiative to form a government which has guaranteed conditions to be created and assume duties.

The workers and the people will always have the determined action of the PCP to defend their interests and rights, for a patriotic and left-wing policy, for a better life, for a Portugal with a future.

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