«Long live Venezuela!»

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

Among the major inferences to learn from the events, that took place last week-end, concerning the provocation performed by the USA against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the immeasurable distance that separates the infamous manipulation and lies campaign is exposed – including the reported in Portugal – of the real Venezuelan reality.

One ought to recall that even under the unfair action outrage, but inspired by the guide of lies ( and fantasy ) they plotted, and their “mentors” and “ actors” – from Pence, Pompeo, Bolton or even Rubio, unto their “puppet” Guaidó – carried on to call upon the interference and aggression upsurge, even through military intervention plans against Venezuela and its people.

However, the determination that lead unto the important defeat of the immediate North-American imperialism aggressive plans, with the particular involvement of the Colombian authorities. A defeat as a result, in the first place, to the determination and seriousness of the Bolivarian forces, the civic-military unity strength, the patriotic compromise of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) ,to the courageous popular mobilization in the defense of the Revolution, Venezuela sovereignty and independence – that counted with a significant positioning in the defense of the United Nations Charter principles and the active solidarity of many countries and the peace and progress forces, worldwide.

Although this answer contributed for a greater isolation of the intent, architected by the USA, and performed by the Venezuela coup far right-wing, opening the path to a armed intervention – under false and hypocrite “humanitarian aid”, from which the United Nations and the International Red Cross wisely took a distance -, the inciting to isolation and interference against Venezuela carries on, namely through the coup operation instigation, as the recent meeting of the conspiring “Grupo de Lima” outcome.

Beyond the threats of military intervention, coming from the Trump Administration, seconded by Juan Guaidó, destabilization, sanctions and economic blockade carry on, along with the illegal confiscation of commodities and financial resources, that have as an objective to asphyxiate Venezuela’s economy and the degrading of life conditions of its people. Before the expression of popular support and government legitimacy under Nicolas Madura, the president elect, the Portuguese government carries on the shameful and irresponsible alignment towards the coup operation, and to which it euphemistically calls of “ transition”, having stated that the “issue ”poses the question to know if it ought to be done “in a pacific manner, with no home confrontation, nor external interference” (in DN, 2019.02.01).

For 20 years, imperialism seeks to smash the Bolivarian process, begun with president Hugo Chávez election. A process that not only guaranteed, for the very first time, rights to million of Venezuelan people, as developed a historical advance in Latin-American and Caribbean sovereign cooperation, free from the USA domain, and therefore contributing ,by its example , for the struggle of the peoples worldwide.

The USA and its allies ought not to give up their provocations and aggressive intents. But Bolivarian Venezuela will never stop resisting nor struggling – and one ought to be at its side, in solidarity!

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