"Lies : a war weapon"

Translated "Avante!" article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

Regarding imperialist wars, truth is the first victim. The aggression actions committed by the USA and their allies against peoples’ sovereignty – in order to eliminate governments and destroy states that did not submit – have been preceded by manipulation operations, based on false pretexts, create conditions for those be uncritically accepted and even considered as legitimate.

One ought to recall the recent wars against Iraq and Libya and all the falsity and misinformation campaigns that tracked them, and through which the USA and their allies intended to hinder the real objectives and brutal consequences of their criminal actions, seeking to difficult its vast blame and condemnation, stigmatize and discredit solidarity expression towards the legitimate resistance before the aggression. The USA and allies aggression against Syria and its people is no exception. From the first moment, falsity, namely assuming the form of provocation, accompanied the aggressors action, that constantly searched to create any a pretext, in order to favour the external intervention escalade against this country, hideous perpetrated crimes, practised by terrorist groups, having been denounced with this purpose - , and intentionally attributed to the Syrian government and Armed Forces.

And precisely because they were aware of whom they served and who was behind the chemical weapons use, as a pretext for the external interference escalade, the Syria authorities decided that the whole of this kind of armament in their possession ought to be totally destroyed, in collaboration with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

One ought to underline that resisting courageously for six years to a brutal aggression coming from the USA and its allies – including through the settling and support unto terrorist groups and sovereignty and territorial integrity violation by USA and Turkish troupes, among other NATO countries, not ignoring the Golan Mountains illegal occupation by Israel -, Syria carries on advancing towards the populations liberation and territory, achieving important steps in the dialogue path with the purpose of a political solution.

It is before this framework that, not having been able to manipulate the United Nations Security Council as its accomplice, concerning the International Law violation, the USA launched a new aggression act against Syria, under the pretext of an alleged “ chemical weapons attack”, denied by the Syrian officials, carrying on the absence of a rigorous clarification, of what, indeed, happened in Khan Sheikoun.

Before the war heralds , it ought to be unacceptable to agree with those who seek to confound the aggressed with the aggressor. To confound the USA and its allies aggressive action with the Syria legitimate resistance or with other countries’ behaviour that, by acting under the respect for the United Nations Charter, support Syria and its people, ought to signify the objectives and serious dangers whitewash of the current imperialism attack and annul forces that can and must oppose their intents.

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