"Jerusalem: under its context"

Translated "Avante!"article by Luís Carapinha, Member of the International Department

The USA decision of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, is a huge instigation and violation of international law, having suffered the general indignation and condemnation throughout the world, and the applause of Netanyahu’s Zionist government – as proved by Trump’s statement on crowning the Palestinian people assault policy. At the UN, the USA vetoed, isolated, a Security Counsel proposal of resolution, in order to annul the measure which received 14 favourable votes.

Trump invoked an approved bill by the Congress, in 1995 to boasting on his incendiary measure. Not ignoring home reasons and difficulties/drawbacks, within real contradictions and the intestine struggle for the hegemony that sweeps the imperialist main power establishment, this decision configures a new and inaudible step of an adventurous policy, towards the deepening of international tensions and militarism reinforcement. See the Pentagon budget increase, for 2018. An aggressive and unilateral posture, and its appeal is more and more the administration touchstone, in which never, as currently, the USA richest top segment interests ought to have so directly been represented and concentrated. At home level, it represents the most obscurantist anti-social direction. A dynamic, surely non -detached from the deep effects of the capitalist financial crisis devastation, in 2007/8.

A risk decision that, at the same time, rises plenty of questions. Of why the North-American president decided to cross the red line concerning the Jerusalem city statute? And therefore obliging aligned countries with the USA subversive agenda, within the Middle East, as Saudi Arabia, to a condemnatory exercise and apparently enlarging the existent differences with the EU powers, namely Iran?

The accomplished facts policy current practical expression, places in evidence an evolution of the unfavourable forces towards Washington. At the regional level, it is inseparable, in particular, of the setback of the attempt of Assad’s departure and Syria’s dismantlement, following Libya’s guide. The Syrian war turn , the Daesh defeat and the terrorists groups withdrawal, always supported by imperialism, flourished a myriad of contradictions among powers and regional actors. Russia’s role reinforcement and Iran, conjugate with Erdogan’s regime resentment, in Turkey, before the Curd issue and the signs of the USA and NATO involvement in the coup d’état failure, in 2016. Trump’s decision confirms Washington and Telavive’s hatred on the nuclear agreement with Iran and opens a renovated battle front with Teheran, in the hope of dragging along the EU. Buckling the sword and inciting , on the dangerous geopolitical intrigue, the disturbed Saudi monarchy ambitions for the region, from Lebanon unto Yemen. But Trump’s decision goes further and its purpose is to confront Russia and China in special and its growing role within the international economy, uniting protectionist measures and military pressure. And that is what the recently released USA National Security Strategy points out, and the rub of the no man’s land policy, that threats world peace.

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