"Instigations / Provocations"

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

Among the file documents, concerning J.F.Kennedy’s assassination, and currently publicized by the USA government, there is a “Top Secret” memorandum from the National Security Counsel (in Newsweek, 2017.11.20) , holding suggestions on how the USA ought to take possession of Soviet military planes. In that official document one can read: “ The planes ought to be used […] in an instigation/provocation operation during which the Soviet planes would attack the USA or other friendly instalments and have a pretext to carry out a USA intervention”. The confessed instigation reminds another official document, “ Justifications for a military intervention” in Cuba, prepared by the USA highest military commands, in 1962 and better known by the “Northwoods Operation”, (in Avante, 2010.12.28). Not a “ Conspiracy theory”, but the documental proof that it exists and planed by imperialism, at the highest level.

A few days ago (2017.11.15), the Italian television Canale 5, presented a documentary of three Georgians, that confessed having participated in another provocation: the massacre of 80 people in the Maidan Square, in Kiev, the immediate cause of the 2014 coup, in Ukraine. Linked with Saakashvili, the Georgia ex-president and a USA man, who, in 2008, attacked Russian troops in South Ossetia, having the Georgian snipers confessed that they were under the command of a USA soldier ( name and images revealed in the documentary), and accompanied by Ukrainian fascists, which occupied high posts in the new regime. The objective expressed was to shoot arbitrarily, over demonstrators and the police in order to “create chaos). The confession corroborates the telephone connection nature (intercepted and placed in the internet) among Urmas Paet, the then Estonia Foreign Minister and Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representant for Foreign Policy, and in which Paet reported that, during his visit to Kiev, the coroner, who carried out the dead autopsies told him: ”that all the signals point out for the fact that those killed by the snipers – on both sides, police and demonstrators – were victims of those same snipers”. (in Avante, 2014.04.03).

In the Canale 5 documentary, (in thesaker.is) and in a post title “ The hidden truth on Ukraine”, 2017.11.26), the presence of Lithuanian snipers, shooting in Maidan, is equally mentioned. During the Lithuania –USSR secession process , a massacre took place, in which 14 people were killed in Vilnius, the capital, on January 13th, 1991, at the time assigned to Soviet troops. Some years later, Algirdas Paleckis, the then Socialist Popular Front president, denounced , based in witnesses, the presence of snipers (non Soviet troops), shooting from the roofs round the massacre square. Paleckis was condemned in court by “ denying the Soviet aggression” (www.15min.It, 2012.06.12). But stated “ there were snipers on the roofs and no court ought to deny it and people know it. We, who defend truth, will win”.

These revelations on old instigations, legitimize the wide discredit on official thesis on wrongly expressed historical facts, among them the Kennedy assassinations, Martin Luther King or September11. They help to understand the passed, the present, the future and the imperialist monster’s nature, that nurtures war, lies and instigations.

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