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On the impositions on the Greek people

On the impositions on the Greek people

Press Statement by the Portuguese Communist Party

The new package of measures imposed on Greece highlights the path of ruin that, under the pretext of the public debt and of the budgetary deficit, the institutions that serve transnational capital and the interests of the directorate of the bigger European powers, are imposing on the workers and peoples of Europe.

A path of exploitation, impoverishment and plunder of natural resources which, under the pretext of a false “financial assistance”, aims at implementing a programme of aggression which encompasses a strategy of capitalist concentration and centralization and of social and civilization regression, whose outcome is increased dependence and undermining of the possibilities of sovereign development.

Contrary to what the Passos Coelho/Paulo Portas government want to make believe, Greece’s situation and the dramatic consequences following over its people’s rights, income and living standards, is the same that is already occurring in Portugal and that may be substantially aggravated unless we reject and defeat the Aggression Pact signed by the PS, PSD and CDS with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

Contrary to what the Passos Coelho/Paulo Portas government want to make believe, it is not the resistance against the Pact’s enforcement, but the blind and anti- patriotic submission to the imposition of a plan dictated by big capital, that will inevitably lead our country to a vicious circle of debt, austerity and recession with ominous economic and social consequences, condemning it to becoming a mere protectorate, submitted to blackmail and extortion by big capital and to foreign dependence from countries like Germany.

The evolution of the situation in Greece - a country that, compared with Portugal, has one more year of submission to the same measures and impositions that are being enforced through the Aggression Pact – shows that only the rejection of this Pact and the defeat of its policies may prevent the country from falling into the economic and social abyss towards which big capital and its supporting forces are pushing it.

Declaring its full solidarity with the struggle of the Greek workers, people and communists, the PCP calls on the Portuguese workers and people to make of the February 11th demonstration, promoted by the CGTP-IN, a powerful expression of their unity and struggle against the Aggression Pact, for a Portugal with a future.

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