Statement by Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary, May 1st Rally

A great May 1st of commemoration and struggle

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As we mark the 130th anniversary of the events in Chicago that were at the origin of International Worker's Day​, the Portuguese workers, answering the appeal of CGTP-IN went to the streets on May 1st under the motto «Advance for Change — Defend, Restitute and Conquer Rights!»

Jerónimo de Sousa, who integrated the PCP delegation that participated in the demonstration held in Lisbon, highlighted the role of Portuguese workers who "with their prolonged struggle gave a decisive contribution towards defeating the PSD/CDS government, a struggle that allied with the vote of the Portuguese definitely removed this government and opened a window of hope".

The General-Secretary underlined that, under the new political situation, the struggle will not stop or wane and therefore this "May of struggle is also a May of celebration and confidence in the future."

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