Statement by PCP, Lisbon, Press Conference

On the elections in Greece

On the elections in Greece

PCP considers that the results of the Greek elections represent a defeat of the parties who, at the service of big capital, have governed Greece and that, with the European Union, are responsible for the policy of economic and social disaster that has been imposed on the Greek people. A defeat translated by a reduction in the joint percentage of New Democracy and PASOK.

It is also a defeat of all those that, within the framework of the European Union, by unacceptable pressures, blackmails and interferences, seek to condition the electoral expression of profound discontent and will for political change of the Greek people.

The electoral results express the rejection of the policy imposed by successive "adjustment programs" agreed with the troika, of intensification of worker's exploitation, of destruction of labor and social rights, of denying the more basic and essential living conditions, of economic decline and abdication of sovereignty, under the directives of the European Union and the Euro.

The rejection of the path of impoverishment and economic and social disaster, and the will for political change was translated in the victory of SYRIZA, the political force with most votes. The Greek Communist Party (KKE) obtained a result that will contribute towards continuing the struggle it develops in defense of the interests of the Greek workers and people, and against the policies that, in the service of big capital and imperialism, have imposed so much suffering upon Greece.

PCP alerts to the manoeuvres of those that, within the framework of the European Union, as they have already announced, will seek to ensure the continuation of the essence of the policy of impoverishment and economic and social disaster in Greece and the continuation of the dominion of the European Union and the directory of its big powers, led by Germany.

Reiterating its solidarity with the Greek workers and people, PCP underlines that it will be them who will achieve, through their struggle, the answer to their needs, interests, and legitimate aspirations for a better life, dignity and sovereignty - deciding, without interference, their present and future.

For PCP, the solution to the serious economic and social problems that affect the generality of countries in the European Union demand a rupture with the policies, instruments and mechanisms of capitalist integration that generate them. Only this path will respect the sentiments the Greek people now expressed.

In Portugal, this path necessarily involves the rupture with the right-wing policy and pursuing a patriotic and left-wing policy in accordance with the national interests; by studying and preparing the country for its liberation from the dominion of the Euro; by a decisive policy entrusting national production; by reinforcing the buying power of the workers and people; by the public control of strategic sectors, namely the financial sector; by the defense and promotion of public services; by combating fiscal injustice; by a policy that affirms the primacy of the country's interests and defense of national sovereignty and independence.

In Portugal, given the path of exploitation, impoverishment and national decline, it is in the hands of the Portuguese people, with their struggle and their vote, to open a path enshrined in the values of April and, on its part, PCP has solutions for the Country and is prepared to assume all the responsibilities the Portuguese people deem to attribute to it. It is with confidence that PCP reaffirms that no obstacle will be unsurpassable if faced by a people decided to take into its hands their present and future.

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