«Economic fascism»

Translated "Avante!"article by Luís Carapinha, Member of the International Department

The relationship deterioration between the USA and China carries on indicating the international situation, adding uncertainty and pessimism concerning the world economy perspectives, confronted with the probability of a new recession. One more year of negotiations between the two countries have not halted unaffordable the trade war progression, launched by the USA under the intolerable “ America First”. And when the possibility of an agreement was approaching, Washington’s abrupt aggravating of the import taxes applied to China resulted in the suspension of the negotiations, May last.

The trade dispute is but the first shroud of the chock between two of the world greatest economies, with a bilateral trade volume regarding commodities and services of more than 750 thousand million dollars, in 2018, each country being the greatest partner of the other. The White House, not only threatens to tax the Chinese exports in the whole, as has raised the stake of confrontation with inaudible discriminatory measures, targeting Huawei, the greatest communications’ equipment suppliers worldwide and the SG technology leader.
The unveiling of technologic war against China, the attempt to blackmail Beijing and the imposing of unilateral advantages at any cost prove the North-American imperialism and Trump’s administration predator behavior. By recognizing China an “ amazing adversary” regarding hegemony and self-right to exceptionality, the USA bet all they can in contention and derailment concerning this Asian country’s development.

Beijing reiterated that ought not to compromise in matters of principle, and a Foreign Affairs high officer accused the USA of “ pure economic terrorism”. The unofficial Global Times goes further, mentioning some leaders influence, such as Bannon with “ extremism” growth concerning the USA Chinese policy, classified as a “ kind of economic fascism”. These sectors, more reactionary and ultramontane, belonging to the USA great capital – echoed by Trump’s policy – that recently resurrected a McCarthyism relic and the ideological war against the USSR, the denominated “ Current Danger Committee: China”. For its strategists, it is imperatively necessary to cut relations with China and isolate the greatest emergent power. Even if for that it ought to be necessary to contradict Wall Street interests along with the great corporations that hold business with China…

Trump’s policy arrogance and roughness triggers in all directions. The proof of Mexico tax recent announcements, the end of India preference regime and Merkel’s messages ( from Iran unto Huawei ) during Pompeo’s visit to Berlin. Within the system, more and more are the voices proclaiming globalization ending. And Kissinger, didn’t he proclaim the end of an epoque, from the height of his dark eminency, marked by Trump?

The world begins to reverberate the greatest structural disaster since the end of the USSR. The great shock logics with China that dangerously threatens world’s peace does not confine to antagonism, in the economic and technologic sphere. More and more, it involves politics and ideology. Maybe, some day, the current moment ought to be identified as a USA decline landmark and the capitalism regressive trajectory.

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