by Pedro Guerreiro

Distortion and reality

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

Along the incessant pack of nonsense on reality misinformation and distortion about Venezuela, widely divulged by the dominant media, the false idea that the Venezuela president and government are disrespecting the Venezuelan constitution is being harped on unto exhaustion, its safeguard being presented as a modest intention issued from the “opposition” and “the international community”. Entirely false.

From the very first moment, the Venezuela reactionary forces ,assisted by the USA and EU, not only rejected the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, adopted in 1999, as have attacked it, active and continuously, since then.

One ought to remember the so-called “opposition” that currently and cynically says to defend the Constitution, the same one that, among other examples, perpetrated the coup d’état in 2002, having at the time adopted a decree, that ought to annul it: and in 2003 developed a economic and oil boycott, with highly hard consequences for the people of Venezuela; and performed the criminal coup violence upon the presidential elections , in 2013 – always attacking values, principles and the Venezuela constitutional order.
One ought to emphasize, that the very same “opposition” that, by defending the Constitution, uses the parliament since the elections, in 2015 to attack and pursue to destitute president Nicolas Maduro, paralyse his government’s action, appeal to an external intervention and a financial blockade, with the purpose of attacking the Bolivarian process and destroy its social, political, economic achievements, its sovereign, solidarity and anti-imperialist character. The same “opposition” that – by using state and municipal institutions, by counting with the General-Prosecutor’s accomplice impunity- instigated and promoted fascist violence and the most brutal aggression against the people of Venezuela’s freedoms, guarantees and democratic rights, consecrated by the Constitution.
A destabilizing, terrorist and coup action that, one must underline, is contrary to the resident Portuguese community’s interests and security, in Venezuela.
Before the continuous economic boycott – with the purpose of paralysing the economy and severely strike the population through the forestalling and price speculation of essential commodities – and the manipulation and paralysing of institutions at the service of the coup strategy, the president and government of Venezuela, within the framework of respect towards the Constitution, pursue the legitimate initiative to call upon the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), in order to replace the institutions normal functioning, in the defence of peace, political, social and economic rights, sovereignty and national independence, defending and deepening the Bolivarian process, to safeguard the Venezuelan Constitution.
The expressive and determinate popular participation during the ANC election, its huge significance in rejecting the coup and fascist violence, defending peace, democracy and sovereignty, represented an enormous defeat for the home reaction and external interference.

Entangled, amid reality distortion, the coup “opposition” was taken by surprise. And the proof is the appeal to the country’s paralyzing failure and the abandon ( at least momentarily) of acts of violence, targeted against the people and the grotesque intention of planning fiction “institutions”, as the “supreme court of justice” and a parallel “government”.

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