«D,F,W days»

Translated "Avante!"article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

The D Day official celebrations, on the 75 years of the Normandy landing, were an D day, of deceits, and a F day, of fake history. D Day did not determinate the Nazi defeat. One ought to look up the calendar: the landing took place, in June 1944. Upon the great battles that decided the war outcome, and during which most of the German Nazi military forces were defeated. Battles in Soviet territory: Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk. The Red Army had liberated almost the whole USSR and prepared to conduct the liberation unto Berlin, in June 1944. Only then, the Anglo-American, that had postponed the opening of a second front, for two years, decided D DAY. The USSR , its people, the Red Army and the Communist Party were the great performers of the Nazi defeat – capitalism most violent and terrorist expression. Certainly, many other forces played a major role, among others , absent during the celebrations: the armed popular resistance of numerous countries ( from China unto France), and where communists played a decisive role.

The passed is not but forged. They hinder, that currently, some prepare W days, with new wars. Pence, the USA vice-president, during his speech at the West-Point Military Academy, addressed the new graduates, in 2019.05.25: “ It is practically for sure you ought to fight for America, sometime in your lives (….). It ought to take place. Some will fight radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some ought to join the combats within the Korea Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific, where (…) a growing militarized China threatens our presence in the region. Some ought to join the combat in Europe, where an aggressive Russia seeks to re-design, by force, new international boarders. And some of you ought to be called-upon to serve in this hemisphere (…). Dress your armours for “when” - and not “if” – the day comes, you ought to be ready”. Pence’s bellicose purposes involve the whole globe. War as a banality. War to affirm the USA great capital no limits lebensraum ( vital space). Having China as a central target. According to Martin Wolf , in the Financial Times (2019.06.05), the latter was the central issue at the Bilderberg Group annual meeting.

Economic war leads to military war. Very concerning news arrives everyday. The EU, besides words of circumstance, reacts in submission and enthusiastic alignment, always when the targets are Syria, Venezuela or Russia. But Europe’s (genuine) history of the 30’s, proves nurturing belligerence, fascism, desire of world domination by force. The Washington Post (in 2019.06.07) stated Pompeo, the USA Foreign Affairs minister, during a meeting with Jewish leaders, in the USA, promised to intervene in the United Kingdom, in order to impede Corbyn’s victory, as the labor leader, before it takes place: “ It is too risky, important and difficult, after it happens”. The shameful and assumed illegality path, was open 20 years ago, with president Clinton’s war and social-democracy against Yugoslavia. Currently it is in progress. The run to the abyss is amid peoples hands.

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