«A Deceitful Operation»

Translated "Avante!"article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

The recent frustrated deceitful coup in Venezuela, performed by the far right-wing and supported by the north-american trump’s administration, was accompanied by a huge misinformation and lie campaign, profusely carried out by the social media and journalists that exhibited – namely in Portugal –as authentical accomplices and active coup collaborationists.

A misinformation choir that does not hesitate in using falsity in order to attempt to stain popular and constitutional legitimacy regarding the bolivarian power, having stated it was a «military coup that urged Hugo Chávez unto power, in 1998.» (in o Público, 2019.05.01) or »the electors chose Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader in january last elections», (in CNN, 2019.05.06), examples of the long cortege of frauds and war propaganda.

With the same determination, misinformation heralds carefully hinder the destabilization action, the violent coup attempts, the unhuman boycott, hoarding and speculation, the brutal terrorist and sabotage actions, namely the electricity provision system and water supply, the political and diplomatic isolation, criminal sanctions and economic and financial blockade, along with the military aggression threat – through which the north-american Trump’s administration and the far right-wing seek to aggravate the economic and social situation within Venezuela and break down the people’s determination and resistence.

In reality, those who hypocratilly pronounce the words freedom, democracy and rights, aligned with Trump and the far right-wing are accomplices of the most violent disrespect and aggression to freedom, democracy, and the most elementary rights of the people of Venezuela. Those who call upon the USA military intervention and its mercenaries, to an aggression war against Venezuela – as Guaidó, Lopez and their followers – cannot truly defend freedom, sovereignty, democracy and the people’s rights.

Alias, the calling upon for free and just elections in a country that for the last 20 years, where 24 electoral acts took place, with a popular wide and free participation, - although some of the times, with the far right-wing boycott under the USA, is but a cynical demand – and currently a victim of a violent interference, distability operation and an economic war.
Therefore, the portuguese government adopted behaviour is but unseemly, by not having a demarcation boundary and accomplice alighnment in the Venezuela far right-wing deceitful coup action along with the criminal interference escalade, blokade and aggression against Venezuela carried out by the USA, in a clear violation of international law having provoked huge damage to the people of Venezuela , as well as to the portuguese community living in the country.

Bolivarian Venezuela is confronted with a brutal economic and financial blockade, an orchestrated campaign of intrigue, blackmail and treats, a deceitful action thatstands against its constitutional order, and has as a purpose, to submit venezuela to the USA neocolonial domain. Therefore, solidarity with the bolivarian forces and the people of Venezuela, their struggle in the defence of the Bolivarian Revolution and their homeland sovereignty is more urgent than ever.

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