by Jorge Cadima


Translated "Avante!" article, by Jorge Cadima, member of the International Department of PCP

Capitalism crisis deepens, in a devastating manner. Trump fires threats of military actions, in all directions. During a meeting with the main military leaders, he stated “ this might be the stillness before the tempest” (, 2017.10.06). Signs that the USA ought to tear apart the nuclear agreement with Iran, multiply (in The guardian, 2017.10.06), along with the threats against the RDPKorea (2017.10.06). Even the USA Senate Commission of Foreign Affairs republican president says to be alarmed, as Trump ought to “ drive towards World War III” ( in New York Times, 2017.10.08).

Within this context, the Catalan crisis explodes, another expression of the EU deep crisis, inseparable of its own nature. Officially reacting against the brutal police intervention against those who wanted to vote for the referendum, unto the imprisonment of members of the regional government, the police attempt of occupying Catalan political parties headquarters, Timmermans, the European Commission vice-president said: “ it is the duty of any government to defend the rule of law, and sometimes, that demands the use of proportional force.[…]. The support words towards Rajoy’s government seem institutionally uncontrollable. But, otherwise, that would be to pretend other EU powers action, concerning dismantlement by force - interference and war – of numerous countries, violating “ the rule of law”, both national or international. How different was Germany ‘s reaction towards Croatia’s and Slovenia’s unilateral independence proclamation. Along with the imposition by NATO’s force of the Kosovo secession and according to the cease-fire agreement that ended 78 days of bombarding, being an integrant part of Yugoslavia. Wars that fragmented Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries were all flagrant violations of international law. Currently, the Balkan spell turn the tables. Winds were fomented and tempests are being collected. And the long ago, respectable Washington Post has achieved no better headline for its editorial (2017.10.02) than the delirious “ Catalonia carried out a referendum. Russia won”.

The Catalan situation is of great complexity. The long ago national feelings are undeniable and the desire for sovereignty of the people of Catalonia, well expressed on the streets and ballots. The Catalan bourgeoisie sector manoeuvres are real, and ready to canalize, towards a national issue , the growing social discontent. It is impossible to conciliate an alleged defence of the Catalan sovereignty, before Madrid, along with the proclaimed will of remaining in the EU, that destroys the peoples national sovereignties. As it is impossible not to perceive power’s nature within Spain, where Franco’s political regime, which survived the 1978 “ transition” is currently dropping its mask and showing its claws. As for the Fascist salute on the streets, to a PP leader statement , that threatened the Catalan president on following Lluis Companys example, who proclaimed the Catalan Republic, in 1934, and imprisoned and killed by a fire squad, by Franco, in1940.

For workers and peoples, it is urgent to draw lessons from these events. Lessons on the importance of their independent action, in the defence of their real interests, both class and national. Lessons on a EU nature – that ever since- is based on the refusal of democracy and respect for peoples sovereignty’s will. Lessons, on the real side of the great financial capital “democracies” and on the great dangers that deepen.

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