«Dangerous threshold»

Translated "Avante!"article by Luis Carapinha, Member of the International Department

The USA confirmed the suspension of its participation in the treaty for the elimination of nuclear weapons of short and medium reach, at the beginning of the month. Probably, in six months time, the unilateral pull-out from the agreement signed with the URSS in 1987, will take place. It contains the complete elimination of land nuclear missiles within an action raid of 500 unto 5500 kms, held by the current two greatest military powers – the USA and Russia. The ending of the INF ( English acronym), the Intermediate –range Nuclear Forces Treaty, is another blow in the control and weapon cut international architecture and a great step concerning the unbridled relaunch of the weapon run.

The generation that grew and became adult in the 80’s – the author’s case – recalls the climate of tension that existed in Europe at the time. The Cold-War peak, the “East-West confrontation” and the installing, in Germany, of the North-American Pershing II missiles, the danger of a nuclear apocalypse was not ignored as a remote hypothesis. The existent peace movement was a force with an important expression within Europe. Currently, the placed threats to international security and world peace are not minor. But the sense of alarm concerning the peace defense and the social conscience regarding the threats of great proportions destructive war are far from being of less dimension,the situation being more complex and dangerous.

The White House points out Russia as guilty of the new militarist throw that raises out from the INF debris. Its arguments lack credibility. The INF destruction is according to the real strategic leak towards global security , followed by the USA pull-out from the Antimissile Defense Treaty, in 2002, and the current attack towards space militarization. Not separate from the NATO cavalcade towards the East, that proceeds unto our days, with the recent announcement of the Macedonian adherence – in result of, not but the war against Yugoslavia in 1999, but of the most shameless and impudent interference and pressure operation in this Balkan country. The INF ending is part of a new reality that, as stated by Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary-General, this weekend, in Munich, the transatlantic Alliance holds, for the first time, combat troops directly positioned close to the Russian borders, in Poland and the Baltic countries, including a North-American shielded brigade. This is nothing than the interventionist line that had an outcome the coup d’état in Ukraine, in 2014, and the Donbass war under the rumbling of the Neo-Nazi chock hordes.

Bellicose delirium, that targets above all, China and Russia ( and cooperation between them). The INF deployment is not an exception concerning this point, even the falcons cry crocodile tears, insisting in reality’s inversion.

The USA do not give up the objective of reaching the absolute military supremacy, at any cost. Trump insists to ignore the UN Charter and outface international law. This is the real “revisionist” threat. And more dangerous, under the strategic anguish, that assaults imperialism, in a troubled and uncertain time, marked by the spectrum of economic stagnation and the change, in process, of the worldwide force correlation.

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