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On the dangerous international situation and the urgency of the struggle for peace

On the dangerous international situation and the urgency of the struggle for peace

Statement by the Secretariat of the CC - 19th April 2017

In recent days there has been a dangerous worsening of the international situation. The US militarist escalation, fuelled by the rash irresponsibility of the Trump administration, accompanied by its allies, including NATO and the European Union, and under the cover of a colossal media campaign of misinformation, has raised and continues to raise great concern among the progressive and peace-loving forces.

The US, striving at all costs to assert its hegemony on a worldwide scale and showing the utmost insolent arrogance and contempt for international legality and the sovereignty of the States they want to subdue, are engaged in an imperialist drift of threats, provocations and military interventions that place the world on the brink of devastating regional conflicts and even a conflict of worldwide proportions.

The bombing of Syria with missiles, the venture of its "super bomb" in Afghanistan, the escalation of confrontation with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the threats of "preventive" military aggressions and even the first strike with a nuclear weapon, the brutal increase in US and NATO military spending, the installation of anti-missile systems along the borders of Russia and China, are disturbing expressions of a warmongering drift that continues the policy of the Obama administration, with greater threatening contours. A policy that although particularly focusing on the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region manifests itself globally, including in Africa and Latin America, where Venezuela is presently a victim of imperialist destabilizing and subversive action.

The PCP firmly condemns the aggressive policy of US and NATO imperialism and the complicity of the great powers of the European Union.

The PCP considers that the Portuguese State, obliged to comply and defend the Constitution of the Republic, should make its voice heard, especially in the UN and other international bodies, against this dangerous warmongering drift, respecting the United Nations Charter and defending a peaceful solution of conflicts, disarmament and peace. This is the only position consistent with the values of the April Revolution whose 43rd. anniversary will shortly be celebrated.

The PCP warns the workers, the youth, the Portuguese people about the seriousness of the situation and calls for their mobilization to ward off the danger of war and defend Peace.

Lisbon, April 19, 2017

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