by Albano Nunes

Capitalism structural crisis

Translated "Avante!" article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

Capitalism productive process represented a progressive advance in history of Humanity despite the inaudible violence of capital primitive accumulation, of new and inhuman forms of class exploitation, sharp contradictions and cyclical crisis, inherent to its development. However, the progressive role ended along time ago. With the transition of competitive unto monopolist capitalism, and the entry in imperialism era – and that by developing Marx, Lenine brilliantly described in “ Imperialism, capitalism ultimate stage ” – capitalism begun its decay and totally revealed its historical limits. The October Socialist Revolution, inaugurated a new époque, of the passage of capitalism unto socialism. The very same capitalism that had revealed its incapacity to resolve workers and peoples problems, becoming not only a reactionary system but a great threat to Humanity’s own existence.

Is this evident for those forces that condemn capitalism’s injustices and crimes – hunger and disease, unemployment, deep inequalities and social injustices, criminal aggression wars, brutal plunder of the planet’s natural resources?

Not in the least. Capitalism disposes of powerful reproduction instruments , starting by power leverages and the domain of ideological production apparatus, which segregate the idea that , although “imperfect”, the capitalist system is the best of systems and has no alternative. Therefore, one ought to go deep into the problem and enhance the objective contradictions inherent to capitalism, that worsen along its own evolution.

Since Marx, referring how much, is it to be an acquisition of revolutionary ideas, and how, Lenine learnt the important updating and development: contradictions between capital and labour, productive forces development and production relations, between production socialization and product private appropriation, within a framework in which the profit interest rate decrease tendency law, a fundamental law to understand exploitation brutal intensifying, currently in progress , such as the economy financing and the worsening of capitalism predator and inhuman nature.

Therefore, I suggest the PCP XX Congress Political Resolution to be revisited, and in which this issue is updated and deepened. And recalling that the capitalism structural crisis deepening does not drive automatically towards its ending, and only by human intervention, the revolutionary working class and masses intervention, the overcoming and building of the socialist and communist society, ought to become possible.

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