Translated "Avante!" article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

Bolsonaro’s right-wing candidature victory plans defeat on October 7th, the presidential elections second round, in Brazil – beyond the results of other electoral acts at state and federal levels – places before the communists and other progressive and democratic forces a demanding and greatly important challenge which outcome ought to hold deep repercussions for the people of Brazil and secondly, for the peoples of Latin America.

Amid a situation of deep economic, social and political crisis, promoted by a methodical exploitation and discredit of the democratic institutions, insecurity, threat and fear, under the responsibility are the forces and interests that carried out the coup d’état in 2016, are confronted in the immediate dispute for the Brazilian presidential elections – that express the class struggle sharpening in the country – forces that feature social, democratic and sovereign progress, before those of social set back and anti-democratic and anti-patriotic that currently gather round a candidate that assumes being the heir of the fascist dictatorship in Brazil.

Forces that did not hesitate in supporting the fascist right-wing in order to carry out the institutional coup d’état on discharging the legitimate president Dilma Roussef, to impose a violent regression of rights and advances achieved by workers and the people of Brazil, along with resource plunder within the country and, in the end, to impede Lula da Silva’s candidature unto the presidency and his arbitrary imprisonment, and are currently put aside by the monster they nurtured with their setback policy and the systematically widespread of more and more reactionary values.

Exposing Bolsonaro’s demagogical “anti-system” rhetoric, the great economic and financial groups interests along with the great land owners were brought together, the ultra conservative amid the Brazilian society, with the support of the great media companies and (once again) holding a violent programme of exploitation and attack against workers and the people of Brazil social rights , freedoms and democracy, subordination unto imperialism. As highlighted, in Brazil the answer to the fascist threat and interests it encourages and embodies, ought to be a programme with clear and concrete measures that defend the rights, interests and desires of workers and the people of Brazil, democracy, development and social progress, sovereignty and national independence, including the reversion of Temer’s government serious measures. A real change programme with determination and thrust, that resumes a perspective and hope, meets and mobilizes the workers and the wide popular classes in defence of their rights and the answer to the problems Brazil is confronted with.

Currently and as always, the PCP is side-by-side with the communists and other progressive and democratic forces in the country, that converge round Fernando Haddad and Manuela D’Avila candidature, in their struggle in order to defeat the fascist threat and resume and deepen the path unto progress and sovereignty, begun during the Lula da Silva presidential first victory, in 2002.

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