«Bolsonaro and his masters»

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

The right-wing candidate won the Brazilian elections. The expectations on a “turn”, the authorized crescendo dynamics, the permitted democratic campaign, were not confirmed, although the expressive outcome, achieved by Fernando Haddad – Manuela D’Ávila candidature. The coup process, launched two years ago, with Dilma Roussef’s destitution, the legitimate president of the republic, and Lula da Silva’s arbitrary imprisonment, in order to impede a popular run, that ought to contradict the reaction projects’ path, proved to be a new and great step forward. A fascist dictatorship danger is real. As stated by the Communist Party of Brazil, “ A president of the republic was elected publically determined to introduce a dictatorial nature government, in order to implement, by fire and sword, an “ultraliberal and neo-colonial” programme. Solidarity with the Brazilian democratic and progressive forces to defeat such a project is more necessary than ever.

Meanwhile, the media, having diabolized the PT presidencies and shamefully favoured Bolsonaro’s victory, not hindering his rough diatribes, is currently concealing and apologizing for his cudgeller behaviour, minimizing the fascist threat. Bolsonaro’s speech on the election night, within a set-up framework, including a religious ceremony – confirming the shameful manipulation of Brazil people’s religious feelings – is precisely built with that purpose. Bolsonaro, proclaiming his government ought to defend the constitution, democracy and freedom, adding several other promises in an open contradiction with the provoking and threats, he multiplied throughout all his electoral campaign, his objective being, on one hand, to open the way for a breading space with the right-wing sectors and the patronage, that although, sharing the same objectives, ought to preserve a “democratic” front cover-up and , on the other hand, disarm vigilance and seek to demobilize the democratic and progressive forces resistance. One ought to underline and call the attention upon such manoeuvres.

But, being necessary not to allow to whiten the personality and political trajectory of this aspirant dictator, not less important is to be aware of who was committed in changing a political nullity in the president of the greatest South America power, who fabricated this “saviour” whose motto is “Brazil above everything, God above all”, which interests are behind the winning fascist candidature. The markets reaction and the dominant media treatment is symptomatic and proves it. Amid the framework of divergences and contradictions that traverse the dominant class, the marionette strings are held by the great capital, economic groups, that for a long time have been concerned in devouring the great oil resources and other state sectors, along with the great agro-business interests. And obviously North-American imperialism. All that emanated from Bolsonaro’s projects concerning economic and social matters, starting by the minister of economy, Paulo Guedes, the ultra-liberal and Pinochet follower, that declared his great priorities are privatization and social security reforms, and that undoubtedly proves this reality.

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