"Amílcar Cabral"

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

Evoking Amílcar Cabral, by honouring the memory of an outstanding resistance fighter, belonged to the powerful revolutionary wave that swept colonialism, is calling the attention for the African peoples saga and giving strength to their struggle, by shaking the neo-colonial domain, resist imperialism re-colonizing offensive and affirm the right to choose their own development direction.

Beyond the hypocrite laments on hunger and suffering that spread the continent and the episodic denouncing of slave and other criminal traffics, Africa has only but been amid the dominant media, with the purpose of propagating the “Failed State” concept, the action of mysterious “terrorist” forces and instigated ethnic conflicts, in the whole, situations to allow the pretext for an external paternalist intervention and the installing of imperialist armed forces, all over the continent, a process that sadly Portugal is involved in.

From the Africa Horn unto the Guinea Gulf, passing by North Africa and the vast Sael region, one does not find a better expression to characterize the “West and Christian” North action than re-colonization, as the oppression mechanisms are beyond the neo-colonial classic system. And that is not sufficient. It is necessary to install , with the help of military forces, a new type of power, in order to empty the states sovereign functions and open up space for the multinationals plunder.

The external intervention goes to the extent – even whenever forces, that conducted the independence struggle political position are far from their original programmes – of using all means to remove from power all remains that ought to remind patriotism and the revolutionary ideals.

Meanwhile, the USA created the Africom and the EU develops “partnerships” with the purpose of widening their influence, namely in North Africa. Oil, gold, diamonds and various minerals, water and forestry resources, are an attraction for imperialism greed.

But resistance and struggle are present and exist, and therefore Africa ought to find a new liberation path. It is inevitable. As inscribed in capitalist exploitation mechanisms and its incurable contradictions.

The refugees and emigration drama - that the EU tries to impede, in a criminal manner, with the use of military patrol and authentic concentration camps, in Libya and other countries, to which the USA respond by building walls and provocatively, abandoning the UN 2016 agreement – ought to come to an end, with great social progress changes and sovereignty, and that a immense numerous youth, will perform. Nor even the ridiculous aids coming from the false “development aid”, nor the continent militarization, nor even the Mediterranean police squadrons, ought to resolve the deep problems that but a new liberating flow ought to resolve.

It is very important to recall Amílcar Cabral, the patriot, the internationalist Portuguese communist and people friend, the highly gifted guerrilla fighter. His despicable assassination did not impede, that, a few months upon, in Medina do Boé, the Guinea-Bissau independence was proclaimed, by keeping his ideals. They are, currently, well alive and Africa will live!

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